You have a great song and a great mix- last step is to put it through that final mastering process! 

Songs today are expected to be professionally mastered to be considered for radio, film, or TV placement, and many artists spend way too much on this part of the process. We are offering a very affordable alternative to the 'big name' studio mastering services. 

For $20 per song (bulk rates available for full EPs/LPs), we can help your mixed track step up to the next level of production professionalism. Your final result will match modern industry standards of RMS, PRMS, equalization, stereo imaging, and other crucial elements of a professional recording. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Send an mp3 or WAV file, and we will master a portion of the track for free for you to sample your final product's sound. You will immediately be able to notice a recognizable difference before and after the mastering process. All genres and levels of production welcome!

A couple testimonials:

"The master really made the song resonate. It really brought out the intimacy and warmth of it."
Adrian - Pop, Los Angeles, CA

"Tracks were done quickly and sounded great! Very professional and a great price for the work. Already recommended to several friends."
Nico - Punk, San Francisco, CA

"The [new] versions are great! Thank you for making the adjustments so quickly for us."
Marlene - Rock, San Francisco


Each track below is a previous client of ours- the samples start with their unmastered mix, then switch about 13 seconds in to the final mastered version.

Below is an example of a song we mixed from the ground up. The beginning of this sound clip is the scratch reference the artist created, and the final mixed and mastered version comes in halfway through. Additionally, the artist wanted the snare sound to replicate a more 80's pop sound, which is audible in the final mix- we will be more than happy to accommodate any such requests.

Disclaimer: We do not own the songs represented on this page- we are merely using these clips to show examples of various clients.