As professionals in the music industry, we know how expensive it can be to pursue your endeavors.  Being do-it-yourself, independent artists, we know how beneficial it can be to find good people to work with who care about your music, your band, and your career. We founded The Roadie as a one-stop-shop to help other musicians pursue their career with high value assets to get and keep their career on track for an affordable cost. If there is anything you have questions, comments, or concerns about, we want to hear you! We want to be an affordable, reliable resource for independent artists, because, let's face it- when more great music is made, we all win. 

Top Products:
- Photography
- Song & Album Mastering
- Album & Live Reviews
- Graphic Design (Logo & Album Design)
- Digital Distribution & ISRC Codes

REFERRAL discount:

As musicians, we all want to save money where we can, so if you are planning to purchase one of our services, but want to save some cash, keep reading: We offer a discount to anyone who brings us a new client. That means, if you purchase our services and you point your friend's band in our direction (and they purchase additional services), we will then discount the price of your services. The more bands you point our way, the less expensive your bill will be! (Exact discount will be determined on a case-by case basis, and will only apply if the referral artist actually makes a purchase.)


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