Adrian Milanio: Album Review

Combining beautifully written melodies with real-life storytelling, Adrian Milanio's new album Love and Culture offers a rich, sonically pleasing creation, able to fit in in settings from smoky, high-class wine bars to a thumping dance club. Reminiscent of both lounge-style jazz, as well as modern R&B, the tunes and instrumentation throughout the album create a smooth, pop-friendly texture that would fit in perfectly as the soundtrack to a night out on the town.

The opening track, 'Come Through', will get your foot tapping to it's upbeat, rhythmic bounce, while tunes like 'Let's Go to London' let your mind drift through a star-lit night. Themes of love, loss, sensuality, lust, and longing allow the listener to connect effortlessly with the stories presented in each song. The lyrics and phrasing seem effortless, yet easily express a wide range of emotions and perspectives.

The instrumentation and vocals blend perfectly, and give a smooth, comfortable feel throughout the album. Sometimes beautifully sparse, while other times full and luscious, the instrumentation seems to tell the story of each song, as if the listener would get the same image and story without the help of the lyrical content. Guest musicians provide great additional vocal and musical accents, without straying from the message and vibe of the songs. Oh, and be sure not to miss the beautiful synth pad on the song 'Cherish'.

The range of perspectives and melodic devices combine fluidly to create a story that has both earnest emotion and believable characters and situations. Any R&B fan will respect the vibe and instrumental prowess of this album, and your standard pop listener will easily identify with the themes presented throughout the album. This is the kind of album that could provide the background to an entire movie.