Trevan: Album Review

Coming in hot from the first guitar lines of the first track, Trevan's self titled LP is a hard hitting, fast moving hard rock vehicle, painting catchy, melodic vocal lines over ballsy instrumentation. Not one to waste time with unnecessary filler, each tune swings from one hook to the next, like a punk-rock Tarzan- guitar strapped to his back. While the feel and instrumentation captures an electronic hard rock vibe, the lyrical content of Trevan's songs speak to a more uplifting, positive atmosphere, without sounding kitschy or too overly-sweet. Certain vocal hooks and production value in his recordings are reminiscent of some 2000's era pop music, and Trevan blends these passages perfectly into an edgier, almost industrial rock sound, ensuring that listeners of any genre will find gems within these songs.

Listen to the third track, a fist pumping, headbanging anthem called 'Have a Good Time' to get a glimpse into what you're getting with this album. This tune dares listeners to try to get through this song without tapping their foot, and stays stuck in one's head after the final beat is played. Taking the reigns of the entire music production process, Trevan performs each instument on the album, sings each vocal section, and recorded, mixed, and mastered each of his songs.

Each track on this album promises listeners a no-nonsense, tight, and well written song, solid instrumentation, precise performance, and catchy hooks. This album is for anyone who is in search of a heavy hitting, talented new artist to get into.