North By North: Album Review

Are you a fan of infections melodies, brazenly tasty guitar lines, intelligent, yet sexy drums, and warm, swirling, intoxicating keyboard parts? No? Ah... Ok, well don't listen to this album, then. Two almost maddeningly-talented musicians make a BIG sound on North By North's new LP 'Last Days of Magic'. Unrelentingly catchy vocal lines swirl between beautifully orchestrated instrumentation in this classic, yet avante-garde album, somehow firmly planted both in the familiar and the new. With almost a 60's James Bond-esque retro feel, many of these tunes take the listener out of the mundane and send them on a psychedelic, heavy-hitting, exotic journey through North By North's impressive songwriting ability. Other tunes would fit perfectly floating out of a modern swanky club, urging the patrons to kick off their heels and steal a dance with that good-looking number across the room. The musicianship of the band does perfect justice to the songwriting talents of NxN, showcasing slick guitar riffs, soaring synth and horn parts, perfectly danceable keyboard and drum play, and thick, melodic bass lines. Each tunes on the album opens with lines that demand attention, and warrant the listener's ear throughout the track.

My favorite track on the album, Quick Rick, leaps from hook to hook, grabbing the listeners' ears and gut again and again. Primal screams, slithering, smoky organ textures, and electricity-infused guitar parts play off each other throughout.

Fun without being kitschy, heavy-hitting without being overly-aggressive, and just the right amount of indulgent, Last Days of Magic promises to entertain audiences in a way they certainly aren't expecting, and absolutely will not soon forget.