Finite Fidelity: Album Review

Take all the assumptions one may have about the music coming out of Austin, wrap them all up in a nice little box, and toss them out the window of a fast-moving red convertible flying across the Texas desert. The guys in Finite Fidelity have done just this, and created a fiery, fun, formidable cacophony of rock and roll brilliance.

From the very first track, the title track of their new LP Red and Blue, the listener immediately knows they're not embarking into your run-of-the-mill, standard hard rock album. Each time the listener starts to get a grip on the motion of the song, Finite Fidelity pivots to a more elevated, and always interesting level. Each melody becomes a hook of its own, not wasting any time between one mind-bending melody or effect and the next.

The album touches psychedelia, desert rock, prog rock, and good old rock and roll, with the band seamlessly floating among each genre. Undeniably talented musicians, the members of FF allow listeners to lock into the drums, bass lines, or guitar parts alone, and be entertained throughout the song. 'Art and Science' showcases flashy, incendiary guitar licks, against creative, ear-catching drum beats and fills, and a powerful, riff heavy bass line, all layered with vocal lines displaying gymnastics-level flexibility. 'Menthol' shows an accomplished level of cohesion and tightness in the band, as if one musically-inclined octopus with one mind was playing every instrument at once.

The rest of the album contains plenty of ear-candy and accomplished musicianship. Never boring, Red and Blue is a sonic treat for any rock-n-roller. (Oh, and stick around for a bit of Finite Fidelity's sense of humor at the very end of the record.....)