SHIVER: Album Review

This band comes in hard right out of the gate. Their self-titled, self-produced album, SHIVER, hits you with a wall of sound by using layers on layers of vocals, instruments & tones which immediately creates a loud, listen-to-me sound. With the album being self produced, there is a slight rawness to the album that gives off punk vibes and gives you a hint of what they would sound like live.

The first song on the album, 'Through the Night' starts off their sound with multiple harmonies and catchy fuck-you-attitude lyrics. The rest of the album keeps up with a hard rock tone and some common lyric themes show up with 'For You', 'Madeline', 'Runaway Love' & 'Ramona Come Closer' all being some sort of a 'lust' song. 'Moonlight' is the only slow song on the album. Showing that SHIVER can also hit the soft rock, ballad types with their solid guitar work and strong vocals. Personal favorite on the album is 'Ramona Come Closer' which is a catchy, stripped down song compared to the others. The simple echo on the chorus makes it a song that gets stuck in your head all day. In a close second favorite is 'Alive' - a rock ballad that makes you feel like you can take on the world. All in all, the composition and lyrical songwriting on the album is impeccable with creating songs that are not only catchy, but complex, interesting as they keep you on your toes.

Going back to rock roots, each song highlights a guitar solo, but uniquely to SHIVER, there are also main violin solos. Through all songs, the violin shows as a prominent instrument for the band and fits in well with their sound - creating a unique spin off of classic rock by adding a hint of classical, baroque style sound. Awesome to hear the guitar and violin play into each other and do a call & response in a genre which violins aren't common (this can be heard in their single 'Shiver').

11/10 would listen to this album again.