Shotgun Sawyer: Single Review

You rarely hear a band nowadays can can blend raw emotion, skillful and intricate musicianship, along with brash, unadulterated fun into a single song. With their new single 'You Got to Run', Shotgun Sawyer has done just that. From the catchy opening guitar riff & drum build (a bluesy, sassy Zeppelin-esque strike), the listener knows exactly what to expect, and Shotgun Sawyer delivers in full, hooking you in before the verse even starts.

Each instruments' introduction helps build a high-power, forceful foundation for the song. Through the song, the snaking, hypnotic guitar line layered with the bruising, locomotive bassline are built upon smashing, heavy-hitting drum beats, with distinct vocals. The vocals, reminiscent of both desert rock and delta blues, add the final ingredient to complete this killer track.

Nearing the end of the track, we get a heavy, almost Yardbirds style breakdown that would make the heavy metal players of the 70s proud. The balls-to-the-walls drive through the tune returns to complete the end of the song, leaving the listener with a riff hook will surely be driving around their head after the song has ended.
While the production of the song may not be considered a 'modern' approach, this raw tactic works perfectly for this band's sound. Not worrying themselves with overly-produced elements such as horns, keys, etc, Shotgun Sawyer offers a stripped down, no-quarter style ethos that would surely translate perfectly to a live setting.

'You Got to Run' is a great find for any rock-n-roller. Simply put, it's five minutes of pure rock ready to get your heart pounding. If you're looking for a new tune to drive through the desert at 100 mph with the top down, you've found it.