The Racing Pulses: Album Review

Who knew that you could get great alt rock out of Wisconsin? The Racing Pulses, a band of three young musicians spanning genres including rock, garage, surf, alternative, and indie, showcases talent, creativity, and solid songwriting ability in their new release Nothing to Write Home About, which is already garnering deserved attention. The band jumps into a hard, solid rock sound with "King or Pawn?" as the first song, immediately exuding an essence of The Strokes and/or The Black Keys & Franz Ferdinand, with a hint of that English rock tone. Other parts of the album take on a cooler, mellow (almost California surf) vibe on hits like "Mermaid" & "Falling Through The Floor".

The Racing Pulses create their sound with only three members, providing a clean, stripped down rawness that lends itself perfectly to the genres they inhabit, and creates a tone that is modern but timeless. The production value of the album is exceptional, with each instrument's voice coming through clear and crisp. Lead vocals for each song are sharp and strong, holding their ground against the melodic instrumentation behind them. 

The album's cuts boil down the essentials of a song, knowing what works best and exploiting the main hooks. They don't waste time with filler or overly indulgent repetition. This band can say a lot in 2 minutes, 50 seconds.